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Friday, May 21, 2010


I know this is a photo blog, but I am also a serious foodie.
And after Persian food, I love Salsa. One of the best damned salsa's I've eaten is Jasbos Salsa- made here in St Louis.
It is not only the thickness of the stuff or the chunkiness of the veggies, but the amazing flavor that is in every jar. It literally explodes in your mouth. He has a variety of different styles, but my favorites are Hot or Tequila flavor. Intense taste and amazing texture. It is quite simply the best on the market- and I know my salsa.
As a college student I spent all my Spring Breaks in New Mexico- especially Santa Fe
and Ghost Ranch-. I intend to retire in that part of the country.
During our week long stays, my friends and I would make special trips to isolated towns and villages to try different dishes. We met some of the most amazing people on our excursions and ate local dishes/ salsas that were out of this world- stuff you can never get anywhere because they were family recipes. But I gotta tell you- they ain't got nothing on Jasbos Salsa.
Give them a try- I know you'll love it.

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