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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Look up... or Down.

Susan Sontag, author of the classic and must text for all photographers, On Photography, describes the importance of changing perspectives when looking at the subject. Whether the subject is a portrait, family or solo, architecture, nature, ..., she stresses the vital need to change perspective. The common approach of shooting straight on should be avoided. These images are typically going to be boring to look at and have zero "ahhh" effect. The viewer will move to the next image without a pause. Why? Because they are dull. Look for different perspectives or angles. The more ambitious approach will yield the most exciting results. As for lighting, she uses a great phrase- follow the shadows. Shadows are good- they can be your friend. As with the properties of light, shadows spill over, move, bounce, ripple- it's a alive! So move with the shadows.
On the next outing look up, or down and discover some wild angles.

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