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Friday, May 14, 2010

2 Amazing Sites

I have soooo many interests in photography- I actually lose sleep sometimes thinking about photo ops/ sessions I've missed or need to plan. These are 2 amazing sites dealing with styles that I am fascinated by:

1) Documentary Lifestyles:
There is something amazingly voyeuristic about capturing moments- intimate, emotional, violent- that lies at the heart of every photographer. To be a fly on the wall and get a moment that will never occur again- a moment that is potentially life changing for the participants. Those in the photograph are living a critical moment of their life- and to be able to freeze it is such a powerful feeling. This site has the best of the best- the new crop of photographers pushing the edge.

2) Urban Exploration:
There is such beauty and tragic grace in destruction of urban structures- warehouses, hospitals, factories. I love photographing the slow and painful demise of hulking masses of brick, steel, concrete, wood. Nothing is timeless and we and like everything around us, we are expendable. I am more drawn to the silence and desolation of the locations. In St Louis we have tons of locations that are slowly falling apart esp East St Louis. To photograph many of them you really need a partner and serious courage.

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