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Monday, May 10, 2010

Lightroom is the greatest!

Come on- Admit it. Lightroom is one of the greatest inventions- ever! This is why I love it. I can stream line my workflow to spend less time behind the computer and more time playing.

I average 1000 pics a game. After I import them, I rate them in about 15 minutes- yup 1000 images in 15 mins. And because I shoot from the same spot, lighting conditions are the same for almost each image so the SYNCH button is a wonder. I edit one image- WB, exposure, curves, color boost or BW depending, lens correction and tweak few other areas and done. Synch does the rest. Total time 30 mins for 1000 pics. It used to take me hours in photoshop. Lightroom also has some amazing presets which also cut down on my time. There are so many cool features to it. I'll highlight some of my favs in the coming posts.
Don't ge tme wrong- I still rely on photshop for layers in headshots and other tricky specific work, but lightroom takes about most of my edits. Because it is an Adobe product- I can work easily between photoshop and lightroom. It's a perfect combo.

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