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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Canon 300 f 2.8- Wow

I really love using this lens. I'm shooting the 2nd round of Water Polo Districts tonight- the Elite 8. So 4 games in an indoor space with decent lighting. Action should be fast and aggressive.
The key to this set up is balancing the shutter speed with the ISO. I know to get a super sharp capture I'll need to shoot at 250 or 320. 500 would be perfect but I know that is not going to happen in the lighting conditions at the pool. Anything less and I'll get some blurring because of the speed of the players motion and the focal length of the lens.
This is the only lens that allows me to accomplish this and still fill the frame. I don't like having too much dead space around the subject on this assignment. One reason is the cropping I'll need to do. No sweat but there could 50-100 images that need to crop. Hmmm. No thanks. I like the players to explode off the print through the intensity of their actions and look- so filling the frame with the players becomes my goal.

The 300 also has an amazing level of sharpness and color clarity. Other than some tweaking of the exposure, I rarely boost the colors. Now- the lens is massive. A mono pod is a must. You also need a level of confidence because all eyes will be on you. There is no hiding or being subtle with this bad boy. Once it's on your camera, it's like a big notice board- "look at me" type of thing.
The only place in St Louis that has one for rent is Schillers Camera - the coolest camera store in the midwest. These guys know cameras. But book early- because it's almost always out. And don't drop it- it retails at $5000.

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