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Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Hands on the Dress

Details and hands go together.  
While taking an isolated shot of a shoe ora bracelet  is important and can look great if photographed properly, it is important to include a human touch to key moments of the day.  
At Shari Photography we always take time to photograph the dress for example in many different setups-  hanging on a pretty door, or draped on the bed.  We focus on the intricate features of the dress as well with a macro lens.  All these shots can look fantastic.  
However, the image that always stands out, is the one when the dress is being handled- usually by the maid of honor or the mother of the bride.  As a photographer, I anticipate this moment because the hands take on a gentle and respectful feel to them.  The Dress is handled in a very gentle manner and it is this moment that makes it so special to photograph.
None of these moments need to be staged-  we just let it unfold.  
I always keep my background in mind for these shots-  look for a light of window to provide a nice backlighting effect.  I would avoid a dark background as you need to have a separation from the subject- in this case the dress.  
Without the graceful hands gently putting the final touches of the dress together, then the image would not look the same.  
Canon 5D mk2
50 mm L  f1.8 1/200
Speedlight facing backward.  
Lightroom 5 editing.  

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