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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Spirit of St Louis- Killing a Neighborhood.

Ever flown out of the airport in St Louis and glanced out the window?  While looking down, have you noticed  what appears to be a large  subdivision-  very green, lots of trees, clean wide streets - and no houses.  Not one building in what is clearly should be a large community. 

It is quite a sight.  Block after block of a house-less community.

On occasion, I have searched for it on Google maps-  no luck.  

But today, by accident-  if there is such a thing-  I came across a blog. 

It's titled 56 Houses Left. 

The Carrolton Sub division is slowly being eaten by the new runway.  House by house it is disappearing.  The blogger is documenting its demise.

The price of progress?  Maybe-  But I know where I'm heading on Thursday afternoon. 

The Map

With camera in bag, I can't wait to explore this weird little event in our city.  This should be safer to photograph than the crazy spots I've been to in East St Louis.  Or have I spoken to soon.  Stay tuned.

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