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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spirit of St Louis- Killing a Community (the pictures)

It's not hard to find-  just head north on the Rock Road and travel east till you find yourself driving in what looks like a lovely  park.  Beautiful old  trees and lots of green space. Except this "park" was recently home to over 3000 homes-  which have been destroyed to build a runway.

The "park's" numerous streets are blocked with barriers.  Not quite sure why.  On this day, a beautiful Fall afternoon, there was not a soul in sight. I never felt comfortable while I was there.  Over the years of photographing abandoned buildings, I've felt this feeling a few times. This is a sad place.

 Nature was slowly reclaiming what was once hers.  The concrete was crumbling and weeds were sprouting and spreading. I was most struck by the dead shrubs and ornamental trees-  planted by long gone owners.  These plants were unprepared to live without their owners care- the watering and special care the hardy native trees do not need.

 Naturally, I got lost. There are lots of confusing side streets and  all the sign posts had been removed.  It was then I noticed that at each block, someone had written the street names on the ground  with bright spray paint.  I'd like to think it was a former resident-  but it was probably a city employee.

And of course, the planes continued to scream overhead.

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