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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rock the Spot Healing with Content Aware

Photoshop is pretty amazing-   Photoshop CS 5 is out of this world amazing.

I am going to share one new feature -  Content Aware-  which is like seeing a ghost-  It is just weird what it can do and do so well.

What it basically does is replace in near perfect form items you want top get rid of-  be it a tree, house, or wrinkles.  This has always been tricky because of the smudging effect you can get-  but Content Aware does some pretty amazing math techno something to remove what you don't want in a near perfect way. 

The application of this video is for retouching portraits which is right up my alley.  This can be a really tricky part of the editing workflow-  not anymore!

Planet Photoshop has this easy to follow tutorial


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