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Monday, September 13, 2010

Lightroom Adjustment Brushes- YEAH

If you are not using Lightroom for your editing process then you need your head examined! If you have Lightroom and you have not downloaded the adjustment brushes YOU NEED YOUR HEAD EXAMINED.
I love these brushes! I'll say it again- I love these brushes.
I came across brushes to whiten teeth, brighten eyes, and Iris Enhance, AND redden lips gently. And they are free.
The brushes are located in the top right corner.

I am going to say that again- FREE.
Lightroomkillertips provides them.
They are amazingly simple to use and can impact portraits in a huge way.
I used to always do the eye toughing in CS5 with layers. It was great! But it slowed down the workflow.
With Lightroom, these adjustments are simple and quick and stellar looking.
Give them a try. I know you will love them.

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