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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Spain- My Sexy Beast...

Bloody Hell.
I'm Sweatin' here.
Bakin'. Swelterin'.
It's like a sauna.A furnace
.You could fry an egg on my stomach.
Ohh...Ooh, now that is hot.
It's ridiculous.
These lines open the totally amazing film, Sexy Beast, filmed in the sweltering hills of
Southern Spain. Don Logan, played by Ben Kingsley, is the nastiest, most vicious character I have ever
watched. I love how the main character, Gal, describes the insane heat of Costa Del
Sol in the summer. It's Fan-dabby-dozy-tastic.
What do I love about a bloody hot beach? It's the muffled sounds- of the waves, seagulls,
kids screeching, adults talking- but always muffled. It's the compression of everything-
the weight of the heat, the sun, the massive sky- all bearing down with intensity on
your body. It's the massiveness of everything- never ending beaches, and the terrifying
size and depth of the sea- a real Leviathan within reach.
But above all its the tremendous, roasting, ridiculous heat!
Bloody amazing.

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