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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Spain- The Death Zone

So the death zone is typically around 8000 feet. Nothing lives at that altitude and only nut jobs hike into that region.
My own climb today took me to about 200 feet above sea level- high enough for a nutter like me. There is a very cool Moorish castle, in ruins, perched on a lovely hill overlooking 4 valleys. It's a tricky climb up the last 50 feet, but the view is amazing. Course, unlike the death Zone, there are plenty of plants and flowers flourishing along the route- even the occasional lizard and bird.
Macro imagery is not something I do a lot of- not really sure why as I love what other macro photogs do. For these shots, I kept the 24-70 at around 3.2f- mostly to blur out the background. It's still early in the summer for the color to be strong enough to not wash out the images. A month from now everything is dusty and dry. Not ideal conditions.

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